I help people align their life so that success comes naturally.

Are you feeling stuck in your health, business or relationships and not sure what to do next?

I can help you change that today.

I have spent my life studying the principles of Alignment and I can tell you that my biggest lesson is this:​

When things are aligned, success happens naturally.

Whether it's your health, your business, your mindset or anything else - how you are aligned will determine if you work "smarter or harder" to get where you want to go, or even if you get there at all.
This is my approach in coaching and working with people: to help you create a foundation for success and freedom that is sustainable and happens as effortlessly as possible.

I combine timeless wisdom with research-based strategies to create meaningful results in the following areas:


  • Have a stronger, more vibrant body
  • Recover from burnout and fatigue
  • ​Build habits for peace of mind in your health


  • Streamline your life and systems for optimal performance
  • Get clarity on your vision, goals and actions
  • ​Create work/life balance


  • Conquer self-doubt and the "monkey mind"
  • Discover your unique life purpose
  • ​Master the art of presence

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Here's what you get with today's coaching call:

  • A powerful, customized plan that will give you clarity on what to do next and why ($250 Value)
  • A copy of my landmark personal growth textbook, "Dance Your Way Through Life: A No Bullshit Guide to Hacking Your Body, Mind & Soul for Success" (780 pages, $300 Value)
  • A copy of my book, "Life is Good: A True Story" to inspire you on your journey by sharing powerful life lessons from mine ($20 Value
  • ​​Professionally recorded audiobooks narrated by me for both of the above and FREE shipping for your materials ($80 Value, US only)
  • ​E-Book PDF versions for academic and personal research (1600+ scientific references total) ($250 Value)
  • ​Scholarship for ongoing coaching. Reduced coaching fee if you want to take the plunge and jump on the transformation train with my full program ($200 Savings
  • ​A referral bonus if you help others. For ongoing coaching clients. Earn $$$ if you inspire others to follow in your path
  • ​SECRET BONUS: Unlock #BodyHacker Masterclass program (click below to find out) ($1,000 Value)
  • ...and the best part... 

Knowing it was you who got yourself there in the end.

If you're serious about creating some massive change in your life today then I want to hear from you.​

The call with me and resources above are worth over $2,000, but as an incentive to get started today your tuition is just $97.

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Tudor Alexander is the author of 3 self-development books, a professional athlete and an Alignment coach. He hosts the weekly podcast, The Dance of Life and works with people to align their Body, Mind & Soul so that success comes naturally. 
His landmark textbook, Dance Your Way Through Life, is the culmination of over 16 years and $100,000 of personal growth experiences, biohacking and life lessons wrapped up into a unique and life-changing program that will empower you with the tools to reach your dreams and soar beyond them.

The book features information from over 150+ expert podcast interviews, 1600+ scientific references, detailed guides on healing your digestion, thyroid, adrenals, oral care, sleep, aging and more - along with timeless wisdom on how to be present, master your emotions and fulfill your unique life purpose.

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Coaching Disclaimer:

Success is different for everyone, but it does leave clues. You will be given many recommendations, however it is up to you to decide if those interventions - whether they are in health, your mindset or anything else - are appropriate for your life by doing the appropriate research. Results are not guaranteed and nor will you be diagnosed or treated for any disease.